Global Event 2021

Launch events at the Global Event 2021

Watch all launch events for the DRC Global Event 2021 which includes exclusive interviews with key stakeholders in the digital space.

DRC Global Event 2021 Launch: Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome to the Global Event 2021 Journey by DRC's Secretary General, Charlotte Slente.

DRC Global Event 2021 Launch: Introduction

Introduction by Rikke Johannessen (DRC) and Anders Hvid (DareDisrupt): Why Futures of Digitalisation, the Digital Divide and Forced Displacement?

DRC Global Event 2021 Launch: Opening Keynote

Prof. Payal Arora's Opening Keynote: From Inequality to Inclusivity in the Digital Space: Shaping the Future of Digital Technologies

DRC Global Event 2021 Launch: Exclusive Interview with Danish Tech Ambassador

Fireside Interivew with Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen, the Danish Tech Ambassador in Silicon Valley.

DRC Global Event 2021 Launch: Talk with Nell Watson

Eleanor 'Nell' Watson talks about the Transformative Power of Converging Technologies.

DRC Global Event 2021 Launch: Dialogue Session on Rights, Data, Protection & Digitalisation

Nathaniel A. Raymond, Thomas Gammeltoft Hansen and Anup Singh discuss Rights, Data, Protection & Digitalisation.